Online supplementary material for

What Drives Inequality?

Research on Economic Inequality, Vol.27

Edited by Koen Decancq and Philippe Van Kerm

Emerald Publishing Ltd

  • Ch.1.  Regional Income Distribution in the European Union: A Parametric Approach; Tsvetana Spasova
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  • Ch.2.  Vertical and Horizontal Redistribution: Evidence from Europe; Maurizio Bussolo, Carla Krolage, Mattia Makovec, Andreas Peichl, Marc Stöckli, Iván Torre, and Christian Wittneben
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  • Ch.3.  Sources of German Income Inequality across Time and Space; Franziska Deutschmann
  • Ch.4.  Understanding Differences in Household Expenditure Inequality between India and Indonesia; Arip Muttaqien, Denisa Sologon, and Cathal O'Donoghue
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  • Ch.5.  Accounting for public services in distributive analysis; Gerlinde Verbist and Michael Föorster
  • Ch.6.  Income and Wealth above the Median: New Measurements and Results for Europe and the United States; Lous Chauvel, Anne Hartung, Eyal Bar-Haim, and Philippe Van Kerm
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  • Ch.7.  Decomposing the difference between multidimensional well-being inequality and income inequality: method and application; Marko Ledic and Ivica Rubil
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  • Ch.8.  Never Too Rich to be Middle-Class: an Assessment of the Reference-Group Theory and Implications for Redistributive Taxation; Antoine Genest-Grégoire, Jean-Herman Guay, and Luc Goodbout
  • Ch.9.  Beliefs about the role of effort and luck during the Great Recession in Spain; Begoña Cabeza and Koen Decancq
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